Latest Sherwani Collection 2013 For Men By Daniyal

Latest Sherwani Collection 2013 For Men By Daniyal 9 Latest Sherwani Collection 2013 For Men By Daniyal Daniyal is the fashion brand well known and famous in Pakistan for the men. It was founded in 2010. This fashion brand is owned by three brothers named Waleed Bilwani talented, Wajid Bilwani and Waqas Bilwani. This fashion brand offers casual clothing, evening and wedding for men clothes. This clothing brand entered the fashion industry Pakistan whose main objective to provide excellent fabrics with current fashion trends. Each year, Yet this winter, summer and marriage for men collections. Monique has recently launched its winter collection sherwani exclusive and more recent 2013 for men. This collection of winter 2013 sherwani is very decent and elegant.

The 2013 winter collection includes the wide variety of sherwanis for men. Monique winter 2013 collection includes men sherwanis dhoti, churidar pyjamas and pyjamas straight. This winter collection has been designed for the special features of marriage. Let’s give a look at the collection of winter sherwani exclusive and more recent 2013 by Yet.In addition, the grooms can wear these sherwanis on their big day. In this post we present some pictures of Daniyal winter collection sherwani 2013 for men. This winter collection men 2013 includes ethnic and traditional touch.

Each sherwani in this collection is adorned with a work of embroidery on the neckline and the sleeves of the sherwanis. In this collection of sherwani, Yet used bright colors such as white, black and Brown. The model function for Yet sherwani 2013 winter collection is Arham Sheikh. The photograph was made by Arsalan Khan. In short, this collection of sherwani is decent and breath of the spirit. We are quite sure that Pakistani grooms will certainly attract to this collection of sherwani.


pixel Latest Sherwani Collection 2013 For Men By Daniyal

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