10 Classic Women Short Hairstyles For year 2014

10 Classic Women Short Hairstyles For year 2014 4Thin hair can be difficult to deal with at times, but do not let that put you off. Follow some of these simple tips and tricks to give the illusion of hair thicker and fuller, too!How to Style:

Blow dry bangs forward so they lay flat.
Blows dry the sides towards the face so they frame it nicely.
Blow dry hair on top of the head back for ultimate volume.
Follow up with a flat hair when hair is completely dry if needed.
Spray to hold.

Best face shape and hair type:

This style would be great for oval faces due to the impressive blunt cut bangs. Straight to wavy hair that can blow out easily would be great for girls with thin hair to medium quantities.

Short hairstyles require less time styling every day, but more trips a month to month living . Keep up with your appointments for the hair to maintain its shape cut.

Soft Curls:

This style has fun bouncy waves that help soften and frame the face. The hair is cut right in the neck and slowly mixes it up in volume enhancement layers. The longer you keep hair around the face for framing and bangs would look great, too!

How to Style:

Diffuse naturally curly hair if your hair is naturally wavy, if not, moves on to the next steps.

Grab your hot tools and start curling hair with a 1-inch or larger curling iron. Spray with hairspray before and after each piece to really keep the curl tight. When you are finished curling, spray your entire head of curls again with hairspray and scrunch up with your fingers to add texture. If you want a looser curl, use a larger sized iron and run your fingers through after you curl.

Best face shape and hair type:

Square-shaped faces and hearts would be pretty amazing with this hairstyle! Get some bangs if you have a long shaped face. Thin to medium thickness chains hair with natural wave or curl is great, but straight hair is feasible.


If your hair is naturally curly, embrace it! Curls are actually a boon for women fine hair, because your hair will look thicker than it really is.

Chop Chocolate:

This beautiful chocolate colored hairstyle is a haircut severe online soft side bangs like silk. The layers are longer to maintain correctly, and also add the right amount of volume giving tons of va va voom style to this look!

How to Style:

Part towel dried strands to the side and comb through.
Use a round brush and a blow dryer to remove moisture from strands. Really bevel hair under with the round brush to create volume and shape.
When hair is completely dry, use a large curling iron on the ends of hair to add that fun, whimsical wave effect.
Flat iron the bangs to the side if needed.

Best face shape and hair type:

Round or heart shaped face would look great with this hairstyle a line. Thin to thick hair ladies can rock this adorable hairstyle!


Avoid using hot tools on your hair too often or you can dry your hair. Try a weekend break as a rule.

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